May Soap Challenge: Column Pour

This month’s challenge was a column pour, which involves using a slab mold and some sort of column to pour the batter over and let it flow into the mold. The column size and shape, the number of colors used, and the swirl pattern were up to each individual. I used a tall straight-sided shot glass and alternated pouring my colors (at very light trace) over the column placed in the center of my mold. The result was concentric rings of blue and white which I then swirled with a chopstick after removing the shot glass column. The bars were cut and then planed to remove soda ash and reveal the smooth design. This soap was colored with Snow White and Twilight micas (both from Mad Micas) and scented with Cool Clean Water from Nature’s Garden. This was my second attempt at the technique as my first attempt used six colors instead of two and I felt they got just a little muddied during the swirl. I was still quite happy with the first soap so for the first time I was able to submit an entry into the bonus category as well as the beginner category. The bonus soap was colored with the neon mica set and activated charcoal (all from Mad Micas) and is scented with Raspberry Lemonade from Nature’s Garden. See below for additional pics!

2 thoughts on “May Soap Challenge: Column Pour

  1. Both soaps turned out excellent, Lauren! The lines of your entry soap are so smooth and fluid! I love the simplicity of the dark bluish gray with white – definitely a zebra stripe pattern! The bright colors of the first batch look pretty great too. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Amy 😊. At first I didn’t love this technique but after planing I was very happy with the neon one and decided to try again with fewer colors. Now I’m planning a whole series of zebra stripe ones! That’s what I love about the challenge group!


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