April Soap Challenge: Polka Dots

Electric Ladybug

Scented with Lemongrass Kiwi Cassis FO from Nature’s Garden and colored with Brazen Hussy from Mad Micas. Soap dough colored with activated charcoal from Mad Micas.

This month’s challenge was to create a set of three bars that contained at least seven polka dots each, arranged in a symmetrical pattern. For my first two attempts, I used a clay template to hold plastic straws in a set pattern and poured a base color around the straws. Once set, I removed the straws and filled the holes with a contrasting color. I had some trouble with this method as the second batter did not easily fill the holes and I ended up with air pockets and leaking batter.

There is a lot of bleed-through white on the backs and edges of these bars and the dots crumbled on the sides when cut.
This was the very first attempt. Needed some work 😜😜😜

For my third attempt (Electric Ladybug) I used black soap dough to form “straws” and after letting them harden up overnight, placed them in the template instead of the straws. I filled the mold with a neon colored batter and when I cut the bars the dots were much more even and symmetrical than the previous attempts. This method is very mathematical and precise (which I like!) and I am looking forward to repeating it in the future with different colored soap doughs.

One thought on “April Soap Challenge: Polka Dots

  1. Excellent work, Lauren! I’m so glad you found a method that worked! I need to try the soap dough embeds myself at some point. The electric ladybug is fantastic in every way!! So glad you enjoyed the challenge. 🙂


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